Nine Lives Foundation Cat Rescue Redwood City

Guidelines for Vaccinating Your Cat or Kitten

General Guidelines

  • We don’t vaccinate pregnant cats or cats that have previously had a negative reaction to a vaccine 

  • FVRCP vaccines protect your cat or kitten against the most common viral upper respiratory diseases (Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia)

  • If your cat or kitten is older than 4 months when he/she receives the first FVRCP vaccine, one more booster 2- 4 weeks later is required for complete immunization. A booster is given 12 months later and then every 3 years thereafter.

  • Cats that will be living outside should receive Rabies and Feline Leukemia vaccinations annually. The Rabies vaccine is protective for only 1 year (Merial PureVax Rabies) and can be given as early as 16 weeks of age

Post Vaccination

Possible Common Post-Vaccination Self-Limiting Side Effects

(may occur in the days following)
· mild fever
· lethargy
· poor appetite
· limping (polyarthritis)
These symptoms will resolve within a few days and do not generally require veterinary medical care.

Possible Uncommon Serious Post-Vaccination Side Effects

(indicate severe allergic reaction)

· weakness
· collapse
· rapid heart rate/ weak pulse
· acute vomiting or diarrhea
· difficulty breathing
Please seek immediate veterinary medical care for any of these symptoms following vaccinations.