Continued Care

Planning for Your Cat(s) through Continued Care

Have you made arrangements for your cat(s)’ future care should you become unable to provide it yourself? Planning beforehand is one of the greatest acts of devotion we can show our beloved pets. If you don’t have a friend, relative, or neighbor who can commit to your cat(s), Legacy Giving Continued Care can be here for you, or can be your back-up plan. 

We will ensure that, should you become incapacitated or pass away, your cat(s) will receive expert medical care, enrichment, and companionship while they are with us, with the goal of placing them in a loving home where they will thrive. You can enjoy enormous peace of mind, knowing you have this critical plan in place.

By filling out a simple biography form (including medical history) for each cat, you save those closest to you from having to guess their precise needs. Regardless of their age or health, once they are enrolled in Continued Care, Nine Lives will care for your cat(s). In return, you commit to Nine Lives by naming us as a beneficiary in your will or trust, life insurance policy, IRA, or similar account. This unique partnership also includes the opportunity for you to direct your future meaningful gift towards an area of our work that most inspires you. Please note: This program is intended to plan for a pet in the event of their owner’s passing or incapacitation. If you are looking for help finding a home for your pet now, please visit our Surrender page.

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